In-competition fireworks Starobrno Ignis Brunensis at Brno Dam. Photo: Robert Vystrčil

The jubilee twentieth international in-competition firework festival STAROBRNO IGNIS BRUNENSIS is to take place in Brno at the end of May and during the month of June. A total of seven firework shows have been prepared to mark this twentieth jubilee - the out-of-competition opening and closing shows over Špilberk Castle in the centre of Brno and five firework shows in the main competition on the surface of Brno Dam. This all goes to make the festival in Brno in 2017 one of the largest pyrotechnical events in Europe and around the world with five or more in-competition firework shows alongside such destinations as Cannes, Montreal, Macao and Hannover.

There is also an extraordinary selection of participants in this year's jubilee firework competition. Austria, Germany, a joint Switzerland-China team, pyrotechnists from Spain and, it goes without saying, teams from the Czech Republic are all taking part in the festival. All those taking part in the competition are selected as recent winners of large festivals around the world in recent years. The twentieth year of STAROBRNO IGNIS BRUNENSIS is to be a year of true global pyrotechnical prize-winners.



All the public observation points offering a view of the fireworks are free for viewers. A convenient paid zone - a tribune with sound equipment and seating - will, however, be erected at Brno Dam, as is the case every year. Advance sales of tickets for this tribune. It will also be possible once again to view all seven firework shows within the framework of premiere services during night sightseeing flights over Brno in private Zabloudil Xtrem planes.

The in-competition fireworks on the surface of the dam lake will all last around 17 minutes, with a compulsory introduction set to classical music - this year's composition is the Bugatti Step by Jaroslav Ježek. The Prelude and Epilogue are planned to last around 12 minutes.


The new RegioJet Music Fest as a gift to all visitors to the fireworks at Brno Dam to mark the twentieth jubilee

The company RegioJet from the STUDENT AGENCY group has joined up with the twentieth STAROBRNO IGNIS BRUNENSIS festival. The company has prepared the RegioJet Music Fest as a gift for all visitors to the fireworks at Brno Dam. The RegioJet Music Fest is to offer free admission from the afternoon onwards during all five firework shows above Rakovec Beach and will come to a climax around half an hour before the in-competition firework shows begin.


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