STAROBRNO IGNIS BRUNENSIS – the competition section of the XIX international fireworks festival accompanied by music is to be held on the surface of Brno Dam Lake at 4 June, 8 June, 11 June and 15 June. The landing stages and beaches and the area around the large reservoir create a demonic natural amphitheatre for tens of thousands of enthusiastic viewers and offer wonderful views of the fireworks reflected on the surface of the water. The main landing stage in Bystrc offers countless wonderful festival experiences with a programme entertainment centre on firework days. A tribune with sound equipment is also to be erected in Rakovec Bay for true enthusiasts of pyrotechnical art - you can buy tickets on-line here. Companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain and Portugal will be producing their own compositions in pyrotechnical design in introduction to each in-competition fireworks performance set to the same piece of music chosen by the producer - this year's chosen music is taken from recordings by the Brno Philharmonic to mark the 60th anniversary of its first concert - an extract from Antonín Dvořák's Symphony no. 9 "From the New World".

This year's firework festival is to feature the 100th firework show in the history of the IGNIS BRUNENSIS festival in Brno. This jubilee firework show is to be the in-competition fireworks from Spain at Brno Dam on 11 June. A fireworks EPILOGUE over Špilberk Castle on 18 June is to bring this magnificent Central European spectacular to a close.

All the accompanying music is broadcast live exclusively on the airwaves of Radio KISS HÁDY 88,3 FM. All you need is a mobile radio set and you are ensured a wonderful experience with pyrotechnical theatre and musical accompaniment at all observation points.



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