200 drones and fight between good and evil took place above Brno Lake with Czech-German firework show


The spectators at Brno Lake enjoyed an unusual sight: a total of 200 drones forming various 360° shapes of many elements that create the world we live in. Rotating above the water, there were spirals along with atoms and planet Earth in vivid green.

After the drone show, the sky was occupied by a firework co-produced by Czech and German fireworking teams, called „A labyrinth of human lives“. The pyromusical showed a dramatic fight between good and evil. The fireworkers wanted to tell a tale of life, hope and fantasy – topics which are interesting for the authors, disclosed designer of the show, Ivan Martinek from Theatrum Pyroboli.

The second show of the international competition was evaluated by a jury, the spectators are also welcome to rate the show on Ignis Brunensis’ official Facebook page.

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