We used Queen music per the audience’s request. The non-competitive show is important for the whole festival, says Czech fireworker

Brno - Czech designers from Flash Barrandov SFX will open the shows above the dam in Brno. They chose music of rock legends Queen thanks to huge interest of the audience. The show, which is important for smooth course of the whole festival competition, will start on 1st of June at 22:30.

Which part of your show you'd like to highlight?

The first, opening show above the Brno dam isn't part of the competition at STAROBRNO IGNIS BRUNENSIS, but it is important, nonetheless. For example, we prepare the whole technical background, the launchers, both workroom and warehouse, the wireless launch system - and we have to test the whole equipment. We also want to give the jury some comparison material. Last but not least, we want to attract and entice the audience for everything they'll see during the festival. To sum up, we did our best while preparing the firework, even though it won't enter the competition. We believe the viewers will enjoy the whole show.

What can the audience of the Ignis Brunensis parade expect? Are there any surprises or special effects in your show?
Our effects definitely deserve the full attention of our audience. More than half of them were manufactured in Spain and we completed our set with some special pieces from Portugal, Italy and China. The music itself called for a broad spectrum and we are delighted with the result.

How did you choose the music for your show? And how did you feel about including the lively "The Charleston"?
For the first time in our history we received loads of similar pleads and requests from our viewers. Fireworks enthusiasts from the whole country requested a show with the legendary Queen music, probably due to huge success of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. We accepted the idea without hesitating and we hope to fulfil their wishes. About The Charleston... the popularity of new variations on ragtime, swing or classical jazz, that come from the first years of the 20th century, is huge. The picturesque Charleston can be portrayed freely in means of both rhythm and expression, but it's always optimistic!

In which festivals or places have you participated before coming to IGNIS BRUNENSIS in Brno?
We just returned from a tour of big stage shows of famous Czech artists. The most recent pyro-musical was lit off in Děčín, Czechia and in my opinion, it turned out very well.

Where are you heading next after performing in Brno?
All of our resources and ideas are currently focused on movie shootings, where we supervise all realizations of special effects. We've been working on American fairytale project A Boy Called Christmas. We are also looking forward to shooting more episodes of fantasy TV show Carnival Row. We also consider attending several festivals next year and we started planning and preparing the next, 23rd year of Ignis Brunensis.

Medallion of the fireworker:
Name and surname: Jaroslav Štolba
Function/position in the team: Co-owner of the company, designer and technical director of the Starobrno Ignis Brunensis festival.
Three words that describe me: Emotions, emotions, emotions.
My job-related dream: Still the same. To make a living from things we love.

Medallion of the fireworks team:
The name of the team (and the team website): Flash Barrandov SFX.
Year the team originated in: 1992 as Flash Barrandov SFX. But as the successors of the tradition of special effects in Barrandov studios, the team formed in the 1930s.
Number of shows per year: Almost twenty bigger shows.
The greatest success in the recent period: Successful pyromusicals in Munich, Cannes, Hanover, Monaco and Oensingen. We also made the grade in the movie industry: our supervision on special effects in the Carnival Row project.

Dominika Bayerová
The author is a student of FSS in Brno,
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Photo gallery: Robert Vystrčil
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