Croatian team Pyro Gamblers brought their colorful Symphony of Life to stormy sky


Even though the evening on June 29th was dark and stormy, the sky above Brno Lake was shining with colors and fiery effects. Croatian firework team Pyro Gamblers presented their contesting firework Symphony of Life, the first firework to be assessed by the jury of the competition.

The first two minutes were dedicated to the mandatory part – Beethoven’s Symphony in C minor no. 5. Afterwards the team chose six songs from Alan Walker to create a colorful and lively show that stole both the whole sky and the hearts of the spectators, who applauded after every song.

„Our show is about connections that our society is currently losing. Everything is now online, everyone is focused on themselves. We want to remind our audience that people need people to be happy and to stay alive,“ explained Marija Bošković Belanić, chief of the Pyro Gamblers team.

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