Czech fireworker: We will bring dynamics and technology, typical for our century, on the sky

Brno - Czech fireworkers from Theatrum Pyroboli will open the 22nd year of Ignis Brunensis and celebrate the anniversary of public transport. The team prepared magical images and unique effects. The first firework of the festival will lit off on May 24th at 22:30 above Špilberk castle.

Which part of your show you'd like to highlight?
Our opening show is focused on celebrating the 150th anniversary of public transport in Brno. We want to represent its development through three centuries and awake the imagination of the audience with the display. I want to highlight the third, final part, which is focused on our current trams ("šalina" in Hantec slang). The rhythm of music allows us to show magnificent and fanciful images in the sky above the Špilberk castle. Gold cracking balls transform to colourful geysers and commemorates the feeling of dynamic motion of physical particles. For us, dynamics and technology represent the 21st century. Movement through space and transportation of people and objects in cities is our daily reality. To bring our audience the best experience, we decided to use interesting materials in different height levels.

What can the audience of the Ignis Brunensis parade expect? Are there any surprises or special effects in your show?
We've prepared a unique combination of materials that create magical images. Everything will conclude with gradation during the final moments of the firework. Our scale of materials is similar as range of colours that painters use - the design matters the most. I believe every spectator will enjoy their favourite colours and effects.

How did you choose the music for your show?
Music is without doubt the core of the feeling and atmosphere of the show, so we were naturally very careful while choosing it. Music had to represent the epoch we want to remind of. The first act is about horse-drawn railway called "Koněspřežka" accompanied by Rossini's overture to William Tell. Its rhythm resembles the gallop of a horse. The century of steam is symbolized by "Karolinka", stem-powered towing vehicle with the sound of Dvořák's Humoresque. Hans Zimmer's soundtracks play with the last part, the century of our "šalina".

In which festivals or places have you participated before coming to IGNIS BRUNENSIS in Brno?
We created several New Year's Eve fireworks which celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of The Czech Republic. We enjoyed participating on fireworks in lovely places such as picturesque Telč, Litomyšl or Slavkov.

Where are you heading next after performing in Brno?
We will attend events and festivals throughout Czechia. We are looking forward to preparing fireworks with various emotions and stories.

Medallion of the fireworker:
Name and surname: Ivan Martinek
Function/position in the team: Designer and frontman of the team
Three words that describe me: Purposefulness, inventiveness and fieriness

Medallion of the fireworks team:
The name of the team: Theatrum Pyroboli
Year the team originated in: 1987
Number of shows per year: 30
The greatest success in the recent period: Paris, 1992
Dominika Bayerová
The author is a student of FSS MU,
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