Czech fireworkers gifted to children a show called Magical land. Ignis Brunensis 2021 presented its epilogue


Brno - The 24th year of Ignis Brunensis was ended by an epilogue above Špilberk castle. The show called Magical Land had been inspired by Harry Potter and meant as a gift for children, celebrating the new school year.

The last Ignis Brunensis show of the year started sooner than usual - at 9:30 p.m, so children could watch it shine on the night sky that was dark enough.
Even though the first moments promised more of a mysterious experience, towards the end an explosion of colors and feelings could be seen - accompanied by music well known to all Harry Potter fans.

The magical design had been prepared by Czech team Theatrum Pyroboli and designer Ivan Martinek. The fireworkers had promised a colourful fantasy of intense experiences to brighten the start of the new school year. Ondřej Morávek from SNIP&Co commented: "A firework for children with a fairytale theme had been planned for a long time. The schedule lasting into September allowed us to pick earlier time so even children could watch. We picked the theme because there are many fans of Harry Potter among both kids and adults."

The epilogue was successful in the eyes of all age groups. "It has been, indeed, magical. I liked the colourful and expressive effects," praised Klára Slabá. A little viewer Aleš Lučan was also intrigued: "I would love to have a firework like this for every school year!"

In 2022, the 25th year of RegioJet ignis Brunensis will take place. The audience can look forward to a total of four competition shows and one additional firework dedicated to 200th anniversary of G. J. Mendel's birth. The organizers will announce the date and more information regarding the next year' plans this autumn. However, Ondřej Morávek reveals some of the plans the Ignis Brunensis team is working on: "We believe, along with the international organizing team, that we could experience shows above the Brno dam during next summer. But everything depends on global circumstances."

Dominika Lišková

The author graduated from FSS MU in Brno,
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