Czech fireworkers showed they still have High Hopes. The first show honored Pink Floyd’ music


Brno - Czech fireworkers from the company Flash Barrandov SFX came up with a colorful show for Pink Floyd' songs such as High Hopes, after which the firework has been named, or Pt. 3 of the timeless Another Brick In The Wall.

Designers Jaroslav Štolba and Jan Neděla had prepared a breathtaking show. The first half shone with red and golden shades, second part filled the sky with colorful explosions.

The first firework is part of a competition where the audience will choose the winner! Spectators can also rate the show on Ignis Brunensis' official Facebook page. First reactions and reviews imply that the first show is a strong competitor. "So many effects to look at, it was wonderful," said David Horák. Karolina Staňková agreed: "Beautiful, Floyds would love the show."

Preparation of the show was affected by the global pandemic. Instead of the Brno dam, all of the fireworks take place above Špilberk castle this year, including the contesting shows. "We see as a big advantage that the fireworks above Špilberk can be seen kilometers away, spectators can watch them from many places," said Jiří Morávek, the director of organizing company SNIP & CO.

People of Brno watched the firework musical from city center, Mendel square or the viewpoint at Kraví hora. Many others were enjoying the show live on YouTube, where all other shows will stream and 4K recordings will be available later on.

Dominika Lišková

The author graduated from FSS MU in Brno,
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