Drone show and pyromusical shined bright above water tonight. Ignis Brunensis returned to Brno Lake


After two years of restrictions, Ignis Brunensis festival returned above water – to its classical location above the lake in Bystrc. First show called “Flames of Passion”, was fired on Saturday 25th of June. The pyromusical has been designed by Czech Ignis Brunensis Team led by Jaroslav Štolba, the festival’s Art Director.

The fireworks show was inspired by strong, fierce love, celebrating passion, dance and freedom – which is the only right and the best way to use fire and gunpowder, according to the designers. The fiery show was both energized and energizing, with dominating red and golden accents but also with dancing effects and various colors.

Preceding the firework, a unique drone show “Genetics” flew above the water, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Gregor Johann’s Mendel’s birth as well as his work and discoveries. 200 drones formed a DNA double-helix, colorful flowers, green peas or a pair of eyes, curiously peeking at the audience.

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