The epilogue firework will celebrate the anniversaries of three colleges in Brno. “Creating a show for both academicians and public is quite a challenge,” says Czech fireworker

Brno - Traditional epilogue firework above Špilberk castle, which crowns the Ignis Brunensis parade, will be gifted to academic community in Brno. Fireworkers want to celebrate the anniversaries of foundation of three colleges on Saturday, June 15. Firework was prepared by IGNIS BRUNENSIS Team led by Flash Barrandov SFX with Jaroslav Štolba as lead designer.

After last year's last show which reminded the audience about the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia, the upcoming firework will also pay tribute to significant anniversaries. The honorees will be three Czech universities:

The oldest college in Brno - VUT - is 120 years old. Masaryk university, which was founded as a second Czech university, celebrates its 100th birthday. Mendel university, former University of Agriculture, has the same jubilee as MUNI.

"We put a lot of work into creating the show. It needs to satisfy three big universities as a present and should include effects that will correspond with their activities and overall feeling. That's quite a challenging task. I see Brno as a student city, but we also need to address to the academic community, which is a new target group for us. I look forward to receiving constructive criticism and I hope it will be positive," revealed Jaroslav Štolba.

The firework will start and end with Gaudeamus Igitur, which is known as a student anthem and often used during different academic events. It will be accompanied by rectors' fanfares of the celebrated schools and tracks that are linked with or remind of the schools.

In case of MUNI the team decided to make use of warm relationships of the Faculty of Arts with Leoš Janáček, who acquired the Honorary Doctorate there. Therefore, the tones of his Suite Allegretto will be heard. Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield will remind the audience of the variability of Mendel's genetics. For the oldest college in Brno, fireworkers decided to use a song that will commemorate the century of steam that changed technical fields forever.

Dominika Bayerová
The author is a student of FSS MU,
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