Fireworkers will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia and Romania. 2018 will be a new beginning, says technical firework manager from Romania

Brno - The second competition firework has been prepared by Romanian team Temexson / Pyroevents Team. The team is going to celebrate not just the anniversary of Czechoslovakia, but also a hundred years since Romania formed. In Saturday, June 9th, the audience will see an authentic Romanian show. The technical manager of the team promised there will be a Romanian flag appearing on the sky.

Which part of your show you'd like to highlight?
Do we have to choose just one? We have three parts that should be highlighted: the mandatory part, the spoken part - as a resume of our show, and our signature on the sky, the Romanian flag.

What can the audience of the IGNIS BRUNENSIS expect? Are there any surprises or special effects in your show?
The audience will see an authentic Romanian show, made by a Romanian company and with Romanian music. In this way we will celebrate Romania 100 anniversary.
"We accomplish our union every day, for 100 years and now, more than ever, we celebrate!"

How did you choose the music for your show? What did you think about including Antonín Dvořák's composition which is meant to celebrate the 100th anniversary of formation of Czechoslovakia? Was it difficult to incorporate it into your theme?
It was not difficult to incorporate Dvorak's composition into our show, as in Romania, we celebrate as well the country's 100th anniversary. 2018 can be a new beginning for a stronger, braver, more confident and brighter Romania! Like the fireworks that will light the sky, every time we celebrate 100 from this historic moment.

In which festivals or places have you participated before coming to IGNIS BRUNENSIS in Brno?
We participated on Pyronale Festival in Berlin and on The Symphony of Fire and Danube of Fire festivals in Romania.

Where are you heading next after performing in Brno?
The Ignis Brunensis Festival marks the beginning of summer which will be full of festivals. We will head from Romania to Germany, Poland and Russia.

Medallion of the fireworker:
Name and surname: Bondria Alexandru.
Function/position in the team: Technical Manager.
Three words that describe me: Young, precise and creative.
My job-related dream: To take part in as many festivals as possible.

Medallion of the fireworks team:
The name of the team: Temexson / Pyroevents Team.
Year the team originated in: 2006.
Number of shows per year: 80-100.
The greatest success in the recent period: Winning the Berlin Pyronale Competition.

Dominika Bayerová
The author is a student of FSS MU in Brno,
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