French fireworkers let fire kiss water with a majestic fireworks show


Brno – The POK Lux Factory 2.0 team from France presented a show called Fire Kisses Water at the Brno Lake. The lively fiery show with dramatic music drew enthusiastic reactions from the audience.

The combination of the two elements was an interesting motif for designer Arnaud Fouriau. “Water serves as a mirror for light, but fire doesn't mix with it. It's a very interesting phenomenon for me, the two elements act as one but never quite merge. Like the story of Romeo and Juliet, which inspired us, it is a doomed love," he described the creation of the fireworks.

That the two opposing elements cannot fully unite was demonstrated by the fireworks in their show. They used horizontal fireworks effects positioned close to the water, worked with different heights and created an interesting reflection on the water surface. What made their work difficult was the higher humidity and the associated smoke.

"I was expecting a lot of red in the fireworks, but I was surprised by how colourful the fireworks were," said Martina Cervinkova. In addition to the fiery kiss given to water, the creators also imprinted a symbolic fireworks kiss on the sky, dominated by large shells. "Especially the beginning and the end were really dramatic, with lots of effects, great choice of music," commented Roman Fojtík on his experience.

The French team won the 2018 edition, and took home the prize for the best stage, music and also the main prize. They are now competing with the other winners (Norwegian and Swedish teams) for the prestigious Winner of Winners award.

The international fireworks competition continues on Saturday 17 June when the Norwegian team North Star Fireworks will be ready at the dam with their show Nordic Noir. The Mysteries of the World drone show will take place before the fireworks show itself. A total of 200 drones will fly over the dam at 21:50.

Dominika Lišková
The author graduated from FSS MU in Brno,
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Photogallery: Robert Vystrčil

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