Ignis Brunensis knows the Winner of Winners


Brno – The three winners of the previous years competed for the Winner of Winners title in this year's international fireworks competition. The jury awarded a total of three prizes: for the best choice of music, the best stage design and the main prize of the 26th year of the competition.

The winner of the Czech Radio's Music Award for the best soundtrack is the French POK 2.0 Lux Factory with their show Fire Kisses Water. The French team led by designer Arnaud Fouriau chose a cover version of Dance of the Knights from Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet as well as thematic songs about fire or water.

The winner of the Czech Television's Scenography award for best set design is the Norwegian team North Star Fireworks with their Nordic Noir, inspired by Nordic crime thrillers.

The main winner of 2023 and also the Winner of Winners is POK 2.0 Lux Factory France with their show Fire Kisses Water. The jury evaluated the overall artistic impression, the synchronization of the fireworks with the music and the artistic concept as a whole.

"This year's edition was particularly difficult for the jury to evaluate. The quality and balance of the fireworks in the Winner of Winners edition was proven by the minimal differences between the first and the last place. The first and the second team this year have probably the smallest point difference in the history of the competition," explained Ondrej Moravek from the Ignis Brunensis production team.

The jury consisted of 18 experts from the artistic sphere, mainly photographers, cameramen, musicians and theatre artists. The experts selected the “Winners of the Winners” from foreign fireworks teams from France, Norway and Sweden. However, the audience could judge all five fireworks shows, including the opening show In the Good Mood, created for the 95th birthday of the Brno Exhibition Centre, and the dam fireworks show "Playing with Fire" directed by Flash Barrandov SFX. Voting for the final fireworks display by Swedish team Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik is open on Facebook page @ignis.brunensis.official until the afternoon of Friday, June 23. The winner of the Spectator award will be announced on Friday evening.

Dominika Lišková
The author graduated from FSS MU in Brno,
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