International team carried Brno to the Wild West. The second firework held a tribute to Morricone


Brno - Austrian PYROVISION, German NOCTILUCA and Czech FLASH BARRANDOV SFX cooperated to amaze the audience with a second firework on Saturday, July 3, above Špilberk castle. All teams have already competed in previous years of the festival, but chose a brand new theme. Wild west shined on Brno sky for the very first time.

The idea to create a western-themed firework was Czech designers' from Flash Barrandov SFX - Jan Neděla and Jaroslav Štolba. While they researched previous shows, they discovered that there has never been any similar firework during Ignis Brunensis history.

"It was a challenge but a good chance to see new things, I mean for the audience. I enjoyed designing the show, I am a big fan of Morricone and it is always a pleasure to meet and work with friends," said designer Christian Czech from Austrian Pyrovision. His colleague Renzo Cargnelutti from German Noctiluca added: "Morricone is great and famous composer, many people have seen the movies, many people like the music. I believe that we captured their emotions." The audience agreed: "I am no Western expert but the music is catching and the firework was great," commented Ondřej Laňka.

The magnificent firework was dedicated to Morricone and his music. The sound of galloping horses was accompanied by explosions of colors changing into melancholic mood. The finale was a majestic tribute. "The sky literally shined, it was a beautiful sight," appreciated Věra Stránská.

Foreign fireworkers were happy to return to Ignis Brunensis."We wanted to bring a good time to people that are really hungry for some positive event. I love Brno, for me it is like coming home. Work feels easier here..." said Renzo Cargnelutti. Christian Czech commented: "Preparing the show was more difficult with the Covid-measures. Luckily, it's not our first cooperation so we mostly know what the others want. It was great to be part of the nice team, to meet friend again and use Špilberk castle as a platform of heavenly art."

Dominika Lišková

The author graduated from FSS MU in Brno,
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