Norwegian fireworker: We want the audience to have goosebumps from our emotive show

Brno - Andreas Helle, the manager and designer of North Star Fireworks, invites the audience to the last competition firework. The representatives of the Nordic country, which is premiering in Brno, prepared a show called Fight for your dreams. Viewers will watch it on 12th of July at half past ten.

Which part of your show you'd like to highlight?

We are always aiming for emotive, "goosebumps" moments. One part of the show we're looking forward to is especially our interpretation of Queen - Who Wants to Live Forever.

What can the audience of the Ignis Brunensis? Are there any surprises or special effects in your show?
The audience can expect a well choreographed show. We try to make the music and fireworks come together in the best way possible, so although the intensity will be different throughout the show, the feeling should be good all the way. We like to think outside of the box, so there will be some interesting new ways to shoot effects, as well as new and high quality products from Italy. And of course, we aim for a big finale!

How did you choose the music for your show? And how did you feel about including the lively "The Charleston"?
The whole team cooperated on choosing the music and it has been quite a long process to get it right. "The Charleston" has been a fun and interesting piece to include. Our challenge is to build a story around the whole soundtrack, and we believe we have pulled it off!

In which festivals or places have you participated this year before coming to Ignis Brunensis in Brno?
Just a week ago, we shot our biggest show yet - in Oslo, our capital city in Norway.

Where are you heading next after performing in Brno?
It has not been made official yet, but we're heading for a big competition in Europe again in end of August.

Medallion of the fireworker:
Name and surname: Andreas Helle.
Function/position in the team: Manager / Designer.
Three words that describe me: Considerate, inventive & dilligent.

Medallion of the fireworks team:
The name of the team: North Star Fireworks.
Year the team originated in: 2015.
Number of shows per year: More than 30.
The greatest success in the recent period: First place, International Fireworks Competition in Hannover 2018.

Dominika Bayerová
The author is a student of FSS MU,
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