Portuguese fireworker: We will take Brno on a journey through the universe of dance

Brno - Classical music, flamenco and rock'n'roll - those are just some of the musical styles that will sound during the first competition firework. Designer Nuno Fernandes from Grupo Luso Pirotecnia promises a lively fire dance and unique Portuguese effects. Viewers can watch the show on 5th of June at 22:30.

Which part of your show you'd like to highlight?

The whole show is important to us. Dance is the most intimate of all arts. It connects the soul to the body. It can come to life in a million different ways, but its universality always unites people around celebration. That's the reason why Luso Pirotecnia chosen this theme and will present a journey through the universe of dances. Ballet, Swing, Rock-n-Roll and Bollywood are some of the styles that will be lit up with fireworks. Luso certainly hopes that the audience will dance along or at least tap their feet to the rhythm of the show.

What can the audience of the IGNIS BRUNENSIS expect? Are there any surprises or special effects in your show?
As a manufacturer, Luso Pirotecnia always bring its own effects to each show. Bright new neon colours, Portuguese traditional shells such as Tremidas, Relampagos, Cores de Fugir always bring light to the shows that are performed around the world. These are some of the things not to be missed during the display.

How did you choose the music for your show? And how did you feel about including the lively "The Charleston"?
Our first idea was to design a show that was related with the art of Dance. When we received the information about the mandatory music, everything made sense - The Charleston fits perfectly in a theme such as Dance.

In which festivals or places have you participated this year before coming to IGNIS BRUNENSIS in Brno?
The festivals season haven't started for us yet. We did some shows in Portugal since the beginning of the year - like inauguration of two German cruise ships, several national holidays, etc...

Where are you heading next after performing in Brno?
We will be at Feux Loto-Québec Montreal - Canada; National day - 14th of July in Saint Doulchard - France; International Fireworks Festival "Vilniaus Fejerija" - Lithuania; International Fireworks Festival Rostec - Russia.

Medallion of the fireworker:
Name and surname: Nuno Fernandes.
Function/position in the team: Show designer and team leader.
Three words that describe me: Creative, pyro geek, team player.

Medallion of the fireworks team:
The name of the team: Grupo Luso Pirotecnia.
Year the team originated in: 1995.
Number of shows per year: 50-70.
The greatest success in the recent period: Eurovision Song Contest 2018 - Portugal; Fête du Lac 2017 and 2013 - France; National Day Parade 2010 - Singapore, etc...

Dominika Bayerová
The author is a student of FSS MU,
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Photo gallery: Robert Vystrčil
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