Swedish fireworker: Love theme in a firework is completely new for us


Brno – They won all five awards during the 2022 Ignis Brunensis. Now Martin Hildeberg and his team Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik from Sweden are coming back to Brno with a new show. For the first time, the team have decided to work with the topic of love. On Wednesday, June 21, they will shoot their fireworks show Grande Amoure above the Brno Lake.

Last year you stole the whole show and earned all five awards, including the audience award. Is it more challenging for you to return to Brno after such a success?

We were overwhelmed by the reception of our show. Thanks to all the juries! Now, we feel the pressure, but we try not to let it affect us. We will do our thing and hope that everyone will like what we have prepared.

After the nostalgic Remember the Masters, you are bringing Grande Amoure to Brno. How did you feel about working with this theme?

We have never done a love theme before. It is not uncommon in fireworks, but completely new for us. I felt inspired by the strong emotion of love and wanted to interpret it with music and powerful fireworks.

What colour do you think suits love the most and why?

I may be a bit traditional here, but I associate mostly red with love. But we will include other colours in our show.

How do you plan to use the water surface of the Brno Lake for your fireworks show?

Water is always a good place for fireworks shows. For us, the water serves mainly as a reflective surface. In this case we will shoot effects close to the surface to use the reflection. We also have prepared some fireworks that will float on the water surface.

How did you choose the right songs to use for your fiery musical from the enormous number of songs about love?

Choosing the right music is always hard, so we added and deleted songs in the process. It was a team effort where everyone on the team could have their input. I am happy with the variety of songs we ended up with.

What are you excited for this year?

I am happy that we have come and enjoyed the show of our Norwegian colleagues. We will also spend an extra day sightseeing in the Moravian region, so that will be a big difference from last year. It will be great to spend time with the local team and have a good time here. This competition is known to be very enjoyable so we are very excited!

Dominika Lišková
The author graduated from FSS MU in Brno,
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