Swedish teams wins the Ignis Brunensis 2022 Audience award


Brno - Even though the winners of the international competition on Ignis Brunensis 2022 were announced on July 7th, one more prize has yet to be awarded: the 2022 Audience award.

Every pyromusical (including the prologue and epilogue that didn’t take part in the international competition) was rated by the spectators on the official Facebook page of Ignis Brunensis. A total of five fireworks competed to win the heart of the audience.

The best show, according to the viewers, was “Remember the Masters” by Swedish team Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik, earning a stunning 1.10 grade on a scale where 1 is the perfect score.

The designer of the show, Martin Hildeberg, enjoyed his team’s success: “We didn’t come here to win every award, but we are very happy that our show was so appreciated. Big thanks to everybody here in the city of Brno. We hope to come back soon and enjoy even more of your beautiful city and region.”

In second place for the Audience award is Croatian team Pyro Gamblers with their “Symphony of Life”. Third place was awarded to Czech Ignis Brunensis Team and their pyromusical “Flames of Passion.”

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