The epilogue show of 25th year of Ignis Brunensis paid tribute to 200th anniversary of Mendel’s birth


25th year of firework festival Ignis Brunensis came to an end with a firework epilogue dedicated to the legacy of Gregor Mendel, abbot of St. Thomas Abbey in Brno and founder of modern genetics.

The last show of this year was prepared by Czech team, Flash Barrandov SFX led by Jaroslav Štolba. During their pyromusical, the fireworkers managed to create the plants famous from Mendel’s experiments on the night sky, among other effects: green peas and yellow and orange pilosella (mouse-ear hawkweed). The whole show took place above the garden of the abbey where Mendel did his famous experiments with combining plants.

The epilogue show was a calm yet dignified celebration of both Mendel and the festival.

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