The second composed pyromusical connected 4 continents and sent greetings to South Africa


Brno - Diverse view to the sound of jazz, pop, rock and tribal music shined above Špilberk. The Czech company Flash Barrandov SFX along with German supervisors used both familiar and new choreographies from 4 continents and 6 nations for their show Messages from the Continents and to the Continents.

The viewers could compare European, African, Australian and Asian design. The fireworkers reminded them of already fired shows from Norway, Australia, Philippines and the unforgettable Spain. South African show was prepared by Czech fireworkers in cooperation with South African team as a greeting and a gift to Africa. Japanese firework showed an adaptation of their 2019 Hannover show.

"The only missing continent is America and we would love to invite them to Ignis Brunensis as soon as international cooperation will be possible," disclosed Ondřej Morávek from organizing company SNIP&CO. Art Director of the festival, Jaroslav Štolba, agreed: "I'm really focused on America, you could even say I'm going to get them to participate no matter what. I would love South America since they have sort of religiously-positive attitude towards fireworks."

The pyromusical alternated between less and more scenic fragments, some of them owning the whole sky. "I adored the combination of various styles from various countries, the show was well composed. Some parts started out faster and intense, others were gradual," shared Patrik Pivoda. "I literally loved the show. The best part was the South African one, I felt as if I was walking through African savanna," praised Ela Klapková.

The composed show was very successful among the audience. Jaroslav Štolba described, how they had come up with the idea and how had the cooperation taken place: "Since it wasn't possible to invite foreign fireworkers due to pandemic, we decided to help Ignis Brunensis in this way - so it could happen, the audience could get full firework show and we stayed in touch with the international firework field. It's an interesting world of its own where meet only people who understand each other well, even when they are across the whole world."

The organizers are open to the idea of preparing more composed shows in the future. "We do like the idea, but the competition fireworks are supposed to be prepared by one team from one country. But we work with the possibility to use such shows as preludes or epilogues," revealed Morávek on behalf of the organizers.

Dominika Lišková

The author graduated from FSS MU in Brno,
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