Visitors of IGNIS BRUNENSIS 2020 will enjoy two fireworks above Špilberk and four days of various events

Brno - Visitors can enjoy two fireworks above Špilberk castle and four days of various events between August 20th and August 23rd. Even though many areas of life were restricted, the organizers managed to plan an extensive 4-days program.

"We, as the organizers, were really affected by the coronavirus situation. Until the start of March we were preparing for a quite usual festival, but then there was a spread of the epidemy and we realized that the festival won't be held in June and that we'll have to leave out the dam. So we came up with the concept of a minifestival with fireworks and exciting program. We expected that we will have only one firework show but we managed to plan two of them. I have to say we never considered cancelling the whole event; we also got hundreds of messages from festival fans with questions and hopes about this year," said Ondřej Morávek from the organizing company SNIP & CO.

On Thursday, August 20th will visitors enjoy a parade of Integrated rescue systems at náměstí Svobody and later in the evening a music and dance program at Biskupský dvůr.

The first festival day will conclude with Theatrum Pyroboli's firework prelude "Daisies above Brno" above Špilberk castle, visible from Kraví hora, among others.

Friday 21st will chime with music - jazz at Biskupský dvůr and Pražský výběr Symphony at Špilberk castle. ZOO Brno has prepared a virtual reality tour in wild nature.

Brno will travel back in time to medieval age on Saturday, 22nd August. Children and adults will both have to opportunity to explore historical crafts and dishes. Lovers of Czech traditions will enjoy a concert of folklore music.

The second firework by Flash Barrandov SFX will be a symbolic bow to all the people who helped others during spring 2020. The Ode to happy flight will light the sky above Špilberk castle.

Organizers are excited about the event. "We decided to dedicate the galafinale to everyone in first line along with people who were able and willing to help others overcome these challenging days. The main theme will be Imagine by John Lennon which I personally adore," disclosed Ondřej Morávek.

During the whole IGNIS BRUNENSIS event there will be a selection of Moravian wines at náměstí Svobody. Another piece in the program will be the popular "Transport nostalgia" with rides in historical vehicles, exhibition and tram depot tours.

Families with children can enjoy various plays in Jiří Mahen's library, guided tours in Technical museum or movie projection The Dinosaur in VIDA! Science center.

Dominika Bayerová
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