IGNIS: Drone Show "Water is Life"

Sa 15/6/2024

22:00, Brno Lake

"Water is Life"

A light show with music, during which 250 drones will create animated images in the sky above the lake. Show of a record 250 drones for the first time in the Czech Republic!

 start of the drone shows at 10:00 p.m. before the Saturday IGNIS BRUNENSIS fireworks on June 8 and June 15 at the Brno Lake

► the projection point of the drones is directly over the water between the Sirka beach and the fireworks pontoon – the images are 360° or rotating and will be visible from all shores around the lake

► time and date of drone shows subject to change in case of bad weather

► music synchronized to the drone shows – broadcast on Radio Krokodýl 103 FM
tune in the music only on FM reception – don't use internet stream, which is delayed and thus the music accompaniment isn't synchronised

Drone designers and operators

Spectrum Production

► the drone show on 15 June at the lake will be followed by the fireworks of CZECHIA & EUROPE "Rhapsody in Rainbow" at 10:30 p.m.

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