IGNIS: Fireworks Czechia

Sa 8/6/2024

22:30, Brno Lake

original music synchronised to the fireworks is broadcasted by Radio Krokodýl 103 FM
tune in the music only on FM reception – don't use internet stream, which is delayed and thus the music accompaniment isn't synchronised


Conquest of Paradise

In memory of Ivan Martinek, Brno fireworks maker and co-founder of the IGNIS BRUNENSIS festival. Set to music by Greek composer Vangelis.

Realization & Design


Ivan’s friends and colleagues Klára, Karel, Pavel, Renzo, Petr, Jarda, Jirka, Ondra, Richard, Láďa, participated in the preparation of the fireworks show…


1.Titans, Alexander
2. Voices
3. Blade Runner
4. Chariots of Fire mandatory 2024 melody
5. Dervish    
6. Conquest of Paradise

drone light show "We are Europe" at 10:00 p.m. before the fireworks on June 8 at the Brno Lake

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