IGNIS: Fireworks Germany

We 12/6/2024

22:30, Brno Lake

original music synchronised to the fireworks is broadcasted by Radio Krokodýl 103 FM
tune in the music only on FM reception – don't use internet stream, which is delayed and thus the music accompaniment isn't synchronised


The Dance of the Angels with Two Steps on the Highway to Hell

The waltz from Dvořák's opera "The Devil and Kate" invites the angels, who are called by mysterious voices, to dance. With their steps, they increasingly find themselves on the dangerous path (highway) to hell and ask themselves whether they actually want to be angels. But the angels find their true destiny and in the end an archangel leads them back into the light!

In addition to the synchronization to music with fast stepped single shots, emotions play a big role in the show. Further to the high-quality effects from China, numerous products from Italy and Spain are used. Particularly worth mentioning here are Spanish fire pots (mines) with color changing, also large-caliber ghost shells, multi-hit and farfalle shells from Italy. There will also be particularly emotional effects. This means that a few of the last effects that our friend Antonino Vaccalluzzo built before his tragic accident and death in 2022 will be in the show. Antonino won the IGNIS BRUNENSIS in Brno in 2011 with his show and his outstanding effects.

Realization & Design

Beisel Pyrotechnik

design René Calmez


1. Chariots of Fire, Cover Eternal Flame Pearlcoder Mashup Mix mandatory 2024 melody
2. Waltz, The Devil and Kate opera / Antonín Dvořák
3. Enigmatic Soul, Two Steps from Hell / Thomas Bergersen
4. Engel / Rammstein 
5. Highway to Hell, Cover Version from Prime Orchestra
6. Our Destiny, Two Steps from Hell / Thomas Bergersen
7. Archangel, Two Steps from Hell / Thomas Bergersen

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