IGNIS: Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik Sweden

We 21/6/2023

22:30, Brno Lake

original music synchronised to the fireworks is broadcasted by Radio Krokodýl 103 FM
tune in the music only on FM reception – don't use internet stream, which is delayed and thus the music accompaniment isn't synchronised


"Grande Amore"

This show is about Love. The Great love. Love is not an uncommon theme for pyromusicals, but we never chose this theme before. Now we do it in Brno to explore some of our favourite love songs. We hope you LOVE our show and that you watch it with your Grande Amore!


Göteborgs FyrverkeriFabrik Sweden
Winner of Winners / IGNIS BRUNENSIS winners 2022


Martin Hildeberg, Simon Svensson


1. I’m a Believer / Smash Mouth
2. Stop Loving You / Toto
3. At Last / Etta James
4. Love is All Around / Wet Wet Wet
5. You’re the One that I want / John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John
6. You are my Everything (Grande Amore) / Il Volo

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