IGNIS: North Star Fireworks Norway

Sa 17/6/2023

22:30, Brno Lake

original music synchronised to the fireworks is broadcasted by Radio Krokodýl 103 FM
tune in the music only on FM reception – don't use internet stream, which is delayed and thus the music accompaniment isn't synchronised


"Nordic Noir"

The style of our design is very emotional and with a high degree of synchronization. Storytelling is a key aspect of the design and our goal is to always apply another dimension and a deeper meaning to our shows rather than presenting a pure impressionistic show. This particular story is exploring the literary genre "Nordic Noir", which is a genre of crime fiction with a dark and realistic mood. This is reflected in the lyrics of the songs, which are dark and a bit existentialistic, perhaps reflecting the world we are currently living in, post-pandemic and with war at our doorsteps. This is contrasted with the brilliant colors of the fireworks, representing hope, joy, and everything that is good in our world, even in bad times! A key point is that we have selected only Norwegian artist from the "Electronica" genre of music. This is done to showcase some of our best young talents as well as some of our best musicians, but also to add to the "mystic" undertone of the "Nordic Noir" genre.


North Star Fireworks Norway
Winner of Winners / IGNIS BRUNENSIS winners 2019


Andreas Helle


1. Only This Moment / Röyksopp
2. Impossible / Röyksopp
3. Let's Blow Our Feelings up with Dynamite / Emma Steinbakken
4. Closer / Lemaitre
5. My Awe Sustains / ARY
6. Your Prelude / Susanne Sundfør
7. Kamikaze / Susanne Sundfør

► drone light show "Mysteries of the World" at 21:50 before the fireworks on June 17 at the Brno Lake

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