Mendelian Inspirations in the IGNIS BRUNENSIS fireworks on Saturday, 23 July 2022 over Špilberk


For the twenty-fifth time, the skies above Brno shine with the REGIOJET IGNIS BRUNENSIS international competition of artistic fireworks. After a prelude in Brno-South and four performances at the turn of June and July on the surface of the Brno Lake, the quarter-century-old festival will culminate with a fireworks finale on Saturday, 23 July at 10.30 pm over Špilberk Castle. The pyromusical "Mendelian Inspirations" is dedicated to Gregor Johann Mendel on the bicentenary of his birth.

The musical motif and the construction of the fireworks design are inspired by the work of this eminent natural scientist, mathematician, passionate beekeeper, but also a monk and abbot of the Augustinian monastery in Old Brno. "There is probably the most famous organ piece by Johann Sebastian Bach and attempts to crossbreed fiery peas or the yellow and orange blooming hawk-hornwort. This time in the sky, but very, very close to the abbey garden, where Mendel conducted most of his botanical experiments," adds Jaroslav Štolba, the lead designer of the fireworks from the Flash Barrandov SFX team.

As with all IGNIS BRUNENSIS fireworks, Radio Krokodýl will broadcast the accompanying music on 103 FM. Visitors to the Mendel Festival can watch the show over Špilberk directly from Mendel Square after Ewa Farná's concert.


  • You can visit the Mendel Festival and watch directly from Mendel Square
  • The sound amphitheatre of the Bolek Polívka Theatre behind the Kraví hora swimming pool will also be open for fireworks spectators from 10:00 p.m.
  • In general, any place from where you can see Špilberk Castle is suitable - the best view is from the south or north side. Just remember to bring a radio with an FM tuner and tune into Krokodýl 103 FM for synchronized music (tune in to FM reception - don't use the delayed internet stream)
  • Špilberk Castle itself is open only until 5:00 p.m. on 23 July due to fireworks; the park under Špilberk closes from 8:00 p.m.
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