The Festival of Fun 2021 from the end of June – Summer at the Bishop’s Court at the end of May


Festival events in Brno held as part of IGNIS BRUNENSIS have been prepared for the period from the end of June

According to the "Covid" rules these are primarily outdoor events. All the organisers believe that a further postponement of the dates and fundamental restrictions for visitors and spectators will not be necessary.

  • The traditional Transport Nostalgia from the Brno Public Transport Company, the Technical Museum in Brno and KORDIS JMK, with rides in historical municipal and public transport vehicles, is planned for the weekend of 26-27 June. People who love riding on historical trams and other historical vehicles will get what they are looking for with the same conditions that apply to regular public transport.
  • Open-air theatre performances and concerts have been prepared for Summer at the Bishop's Court Beneath Petrov on the site of the Moravian Museum in Zelný Trh in Brno with Brno City Theatre, National Theatre in Brno Ballet, Music Marathon, Folklore F-Scene, visiting theatre groups from Prague and Zlín, and additional programmes of events for the period from 29 May to 29 August.
  • A three-month African Summer also known as "Experience, Taste and Get to Know Africa" is being prepared at Brno ZOO, which is also to present a small African tasting in Brno's Náměstí Svobody on 26 June during Fun Beneath the Castle Walls.
  • Brno Observatory and Planetarium has also prepared some attractive events for the summer. You can meet Marsmelon, an enormous inflatable model of the planet Mars, on Kraví Hora from 12 to 18 July. Kraví Hora is to be transformed into a Festival of Planets 5-12 August, with the giant Mars being joined by models of Planet Earth and the Moon. People who love the events held inside the observatory will also find what they are looking for - around sixty of the very latest films for digital planetariums are to be screened here at the Fulldome Festival Brno 2021 from 27 to 30 July.
  • The Technical Museum in Brno is to celebrate its sixtieth birthday on Saturday 28 August with a great birthday event at its main site in Purkyňova Street in Královo Pole in Brno.
  • Brno City Museum is preparing the ninth year of the attractive event "Špilberk Lives!" for the weekend of 11-12 September. The IGNIS BRUNENSIS firework epilogue is to be part of the weekend programme on Saturday 11 September.
  • IGNIS BRUNENSIS is to come to a close with the F. O. Poupě Beer Festival on 10 and 11 September in Šilingrovo Náměstí, Starobrněnská Street and the surrounding parts of the centre of Brno. The festival will primarily be presenting craft breweries from various parts of the Czech Republic in co-operation with the Czech and Moravian Minibrewery Association. A number of large breweries have also expressed interest, and "competing" new wine will obviously also be on offer at this time of September. All this with stylish refreshments and regional products guaranteed by the Regional Agrarian Chamber of the South Moravian Region. Saturday's programme of events on 11 September is also to come to a symbolic close with fireworks above Špilberk Castle.
  • Various organisers are preparing a large number of other events in Brno and the South Moravian Region to be held during our firework weekends, repeatedly offering attractive opportunities for visits to South Moravian destinations in organised and individual tourism. The festival also offers rest and relaxation for the local population and friends and family in a leisurely holiday rhythm. In a positive sense, in spite of Covid...



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