Ignis Brunensis: Much more than fireworks and drones


Brno – A fireworks show created by Flash Barrandov SFX under the direction of Jaroslav Štolba and accompanied by well-known songs by the Czech band Mirai will open the 27th edition of the Ignis Brunensis international fireworks festival on Saturday 1 June. The fireworks display will round off the Brno-South Children’s Day in Komárov. The fireworks festival will last until 23 June, but various events await those interested throughout the summer, even after the international fireworks competition ends, such as concerts, rallies or drone shows.

"As for drones, this year we managed to expand the squadron from 200 to 250 drones. Sometimes we think that in order to comfortably fit all the events we can offer in Brno and to have enough space for the spectators, we would need the Brno Lake to be about twice as big," said Ondřej Morávek from the organizing company SNIP&Co.

With the first competition fireworks display over the lake on Saturday 8 June, Czech fireworkers will pay tribute to fireworker and co-founder of the Ignis Brunensis festival, Ivan Martinek. Before the fireworks, spectators will see a drone show called We are Europe.

On Wednesday, 12 June, German fireworkers will introduce their pyro show, and on Saturday, 15 June, a squadron of 250 drones will once again fly over the dam, this time with a show called Water is Life. After the drones, the sky will be lit up by fireworks show jointly directed by Czechs, Spaniards and Germans. The international fireworks competition will end on 19 June with an Austrian pyromusical. The audience will be able to vote for the fireworks and drone show they enjoyed the most.

Fire and drone show enthusiasts are not the only ones who will enjoy the Ignis Brunensis festival: a number of other events are planned as part of the festival calendar.

On Friday 14 and Saturday 15 June, beer lovers will be treated to Poupě Beer Festival at the lake, where they can try more than 40 different brands of beer from various microbreweries. Throughout the weekend, from 14 to 16 June, the city centre will host Fun Below the Castle, which includes the very popular Transport Nostalgia with the opportunity to ride vintage trams and buses, as well as a number of concerts – Brass Fest for brass music lovers, which is part of the celebration of 100 years of Czech Radio Brno, a concert by pupils of primary art schools Mozart's Children or the fifteenth meeting of barrel organ players.

Motorsport fans can look forward to three different events: on 1 June, many veterans will compete in the Rally Vysočina, on 14 and 15 June, not far from Brno, the Agrotec Petronas Rally will take place - a rally among the vineyards in Hustopeče near Brno, and a month later, on 13 and 14 July, the Masaryk Circuit will come alive with the unique Brno Grand Prix Revival.

A new addition to the programme is the celebration of the 160th anniversary of firefighters in Brno. On Saturday, 22 June, Brno firefighters will present historical and modern firefighting equipment in the center of Brno.

There will also be a popular Festival of the planets with inflatable models of cosmic objects, such as the Moon or the Earth. The models will appear on Kraví hora in July and August.

"Among the entertainment festival events, I always enjoy the Transport Nostalgia with rides of historic city transport vehicles, as well as the police horsemanship championship. I will certainly not miss the inflatable models presented during the Festival of the planets at the Brno Observatory on Kraví hora. And my fingers are crossed that the balloonists will be able to make as many launches as possible during the Balloon Jam," recommended Ondřej Morávek.

Dominika Lišková
The author graduated from FSS MU in Brno,
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